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Howie Bowles, Secret Agent

Howie Bowles4 Star Rating
Howie Bowles
Howie Bowles Author Kate Banks

Howie Bowles, Secret Agent is an excellent children's book. The author is Kate Banks and it was published around June of 2013 by Scholastic. The child's book is 89 pages long. Check these pointers and you will definitely take pleasure in reading a lot more. Whilst you read, envision the dilemma inside your head.

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Manufacturer: Scholastic
ISBN: 0439243815
Author: Kate Banks


How do you make new friends? Soon everyone is considering him basically because he's a secret agent, and it's sort of like having friends, except that the other kids still don't know something about Howie.) , so Agent Bean Burger can take a vacation and Howie Bowles might be himself. It's challenging for Howie Bowles when his family members moves to a new town -- what if the kids at school don't like him? In brief chapters with snappy dialogue and winning pictures, this can be a fast-paced story of a likable, worrisome boy -- a boy who finally does solve the case (it's the principal! Howie doesn't strategy on making his classmates believe that he's actually a secret agent named Agent Bean Burger, but somehow that's what happens."Just be yourself"is his mother's advice, but wouldn't it be easier to be somebody else? And then a case comes along that he has to solve: someone's been spitting out their gum inside the drinking fountains at school.


  • No. Pages: 89
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Howie Bowles
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